Beach Must Haves

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Yes, this is a blog post about beach must-haves. It's been a while since I have been at the beach. But this year I made a vow to have beach days with my son. We have been in the house all year and we both are in need of some sunshine. I have compiled a list of all beach must-haves including the essentials, swimsuits, and even snacks.


What are some beach must-haves? Here is the list (that I have compiled): Beach bag or tote, pouch, masks, sunglasses, sunscreen, wipe containers, towel clips, umbrella table chair, umbrella anchor, water bottle, drink holders, towels, swimsuit, sandals, Cover-up, and snacks.


Beach Bag (some are created by black artists support) :


Masks (by black artists & companies support) :



Sunglasses :



Sunscreen ( black-owned company ) :

Wipe Container:


Towel and Towel Clips : 


Umbrella Essentials :


Chair Essentials & pouch ( some items are created by black artist support) :

Swimsuits and Coverups ( I found sustainable swimsuits made with plants )

Snacks (all black-owned businesses)


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Hope you guys enjoy this post let me know below what is your favorite thing to take to the beach. My favorite thing to take to the beach is my son.

Beach Must Have


30 beach must haves