7 Tips for working from home with a toddler

7 tips for working at home with a toddler

Hey, ya guys I have been freelancing for a couple of months (8 months to be exact) now and as a mom that works from home raising a child (toddler) things can get CRAZY. To save my sanity I have to have a schedule through Monday - Friday (not on weekends because I really don’t work on the weekends). I child is now a toddler and every parent knows that the toddler phase is a whole different phase. I decided to share my process of how I work from home with my two years old hoping that I can help some other parents. Here we go:


I wake up around 7 am and I have to have a moment to myself where I can collect my thoughts and do a little self-care ( nice shower shave my legs lol). Then after self-care time lol I look through my planners YES I have MUltiple planners 1 for weekly planning and 1 for monthly planning and I see what I have to do daily for my businesses and family.

These are items I use for my business daily


1. Planner

2. Computer Mac Book cover if you have a little child you know that one swift cup throw and it’s over for your computer.

3. Juiced Pressed **in my Local Area which is Milwaukee, WI but, Suja is also great to the green juice taste amazing and that’s rare. LOL


4. Highlighted *words, dates, days will stick in my head (college days habit) I use highlighters for my planner

After Morning self-care and replying to client emails my son wakes up and we get the day started. He eats his Oatmeal and we begin the day with Montessori Activities my husband and I have agreed on the Montessori learning (will talk about that more in another blog post) so here are some toys that have help with learning

Melissa and Doug Blocks he loves these it teaches him sorting, colors and stacking; Color book for a toddler I bring out the crayons and markers I play music and let him color next to me we talk about Elmo and sing-song lol Melissa & Doug blocks: https://shopstyle.it/l/8S8b Color Book For Toddlers : https://shopstyle.it/l/8S8f



When the afternoon hits it can get a bit crazy so I know it’s naptime for him and then I do more work


During the afternoon I will start on dinner then finish work. Sometimes I’m so heavy into work I don’t leave the house or T’challa my son is throwing a tantrum I just order groceries off of Insta-cart. **Get $10 off **when you sign up with **Insta Cart: https://inst.cr/t/gyn5yLvk7

After dinner, it’s bath time for T’challa and bedtime for the house at 9pm.

summary for working at home with toddler


Wake-Up Early Selfcare time Have A To-Do List Breakfast and Zone in with the child Naptime is Bae work during nap time Work on dinner or evening activities ( bath time a little playtime) Bedtime

If you have any questions message me or leave comments. How do you work from home with your child or children?